Knowing Christ: Unveiling His Revelation and Our True Identity in Him

Join us as we explore the revelation of Jesus Christ and uncover our true identity found in Him, inviting you to experience the transformative power of His truth firsthand.

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The traditional view that Jesus is building mansions in heaven for the saints is an unsupported supposition. A contextual study of John 14:1-3 reveals the accurate truth from the scriptures. There is sufficient biblical evidence that has been covered in this book. May the Lord open your eyes to the truth.


The purpose of this book is to emphasise the ultimate objective of Christian life in the divine supernatural purpose and plan of God to become a New Man in Christ by receiving and understanding the “REVELATION OF CHRIST” in us. We must not be content with just relegating our sight of Christ to the previous experience of being born again to be saved. For us to live and walk by the Spirit, it is the Lord’s wish that our eyes be continually enlightened.


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