Knowing Him is Knowing Life

It is of supreme importance to know who Jesus Christ is. Jesus is God; the centre of His church and the centre of all things. The whole Bible is about Him. He is not a religious leader or the founder of a religion. He is the founder of a relationship with mankind. He is love, life and light.

He is the ONLY way to the Father and there is none else. He looks forward to a relationship. He has reconciled and restored man’s broken relationship with God the Father. The whole of history belongs to Him. The earth and heavens are His. There is no other person to impact history as He has done.

Crib: Jesus Comes

Nearly two thousand years ago, the timeless-ageless Word – the Son of the living and almighty God became flesh and was born in a stable. He emptied himself of His glory and power and left the splendour, majesty and glory of heaven, became man – a servant and chose to come and live in a wrecked world. The whole of mankind was separated and detached from God, by our sin and offence against Him; who is perfect, holy and just. We were his enemies and our hearts were corrupted; still, He came to us. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary.

Jesus lived thirty years with His earthly family supporting them with a job. He lived, lost, and loved, as any one of us. He came to us – sinners. He was not handsome. He was not loaded with money for Himself.
Jesus is the meekest and lowly messenger in the history of the planet.

Cross: Jesus Died

The only man who lived a sinless life – a perfect life took our punishment for our sins. After three and half years of loving, healing, teaching and serving people, he was nailed to the Cross. Before being nailed, He was scourged and beaten. He was spat upon. He was mocked and tortured. He died a horrific bloody death on the Cross surrounded by criminals.
He took all of our wickedness, selfishness, immorality, sin and guilt on himself, so we could be free from the power and dominion of sin and death. He has suffered and paid the penalty for our sins and wrongdoings by shedding His precious blood.
The Prince of Life was abandoned, rejected and killed so that we may possess His life. We are in Him now and will live with Him forever. He drank in full the cup of the wrath of God according to God’s predestined purpose and plan. He was the perfect sacrifice for sin. His death on the Cross changed human history forever.

Resurrection: Jesus Lives

After lying dead in a tomb, Jesus destroyed the power of death and was resurrected in a glorified physical body on the third day. The ultimate and absolute testimony is this: Jesus was not simply a preacher, teacher or a good man. Jesus was God. He is God and forever will be God. Satan, death and sin have no power over Him. The tomb is forever empty. He is alive today.

Ascension and Enthronement: Jesus Reigns

After appearing to His disciples and many others, He taught them things concerning the Kingdom of God. Forty days after His resurrection, He ascended to His Father’s right hand and was enthroned as King. He is KING forever and now is busy shifting, aligning and changing history in a major way. He is also divinely changing, healing and restoring lives.
Jesus is not like any other person in history. He is King over all kings and Lord over all lords and is Master over all things. He will be back physically in person to judge all men.

Good News

The good news is that Jesus is King and He has a Kingdom. The church is a means to the kingdom. The message of the Gospel is the medium through which we can believe and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. The good news is that we can know him and enter into a relationship with Him. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, we can be set free from sin, satan, and death.

The good news is that salvation is a gift of God brought to man by grace and received through faith in Jesus Christ, whose blood was shed on the cross at Calvary for the forgiveness of our sins. We are forgiven and washed of our sins and declared righteous. He is our faithful High Priest. He is our advocate and intercessor. He knows all our pain, weaknesses and failures.

He is the chief Apostle and the Head of the Church. He has all authority in Heaven and Earth. He holds all things together. He has destroyed the works of the devil and is currently ruling amid His enemies. He is the life-giving Spirit and is pouring out His Spirit on all who believe and obey the Gospel. Know Him for He is your Life.
He is a HISTORY-MAKER and HISTORY-CHANGER. This is His-Story; let Him change and arrange yours now.

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