Embracing the New Year with Faith: A Biblical Perspective on 2024

Your Days Are Important

A new year has come and the old has passed. A depressing reality is that it is possible to live a life that is squandered. We have to be on the lookout for this adversary that is hiding in the shadows. The burying of talents, the squandering of time, and the missing of chances are all possibilities. The picture of life that God intends for you will not be lost in the shuffle of your thoughts. Give it some time to set in. There is no chance that you will wind up constructing a wonderful life by mistake. Even though we can turn the wheel, put out fires, run in circles, and load our schedules to the brim, we will still be losing out on what God promises.

However, there is a more effective method.

The path that God has prepared for us is characterised by clarity, insight, and action. God desires to provide us with lives that are full of pleasure and purpose, rich in faithfulness, and productive. The idea of being pushed in a thousand different ways is not what he wants for us. He desires that our lives be constructed into something robust, attractive, and long-lasting. Following a contemplation of the fleeting nature of life, the Psalmist prays,

Psalms 90:12 — So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.

This is exactly what you are looking for. This is not a life of frenzied activity, laziness, or reactionary behaviour. Do you want to lead a life filled with wisdom? You have a finite amount of days, and every single one of them is important. The life of wisdom is characterised by meticulous attention and intentionality; it views each year as a chance to steward, and it makes plans from this perspective.

You can begin the new year with a positive attitude, regardless of how the previous year has been for you. This is a reality that is both inspiring and reassuring. You can do this by using the process of “Relationship, Contemplation, Focus, and Purpose” to think about how you would number your days at the beginning of the next year.

Relationship: Devote your time to God

To avoid establishing plans without first committing your life and emotions to God, you should refrain from doing so. Think back on this last year and give God all you have in your heart.

To be Adored and Praised
  • When I look back on the past year, who have I seen God be that I can praise him for?
  • Which chapters or ideas from the Bible has He repeatedly shown to me with his words?
The Reflection
  • In what ways have I been a sinful person during this year?
  • Where might I find God’s conviction? For what or to whom do I have to confess?
With Gratitude
  • I have a lot to be thankful for in terms of what God has done in my life.
  • I have a lot to be thankful for in terms of what God has accomplished through me.
  • Why should I be thankful to God for the things that he has done in my life?
The Supplication
  • As you go through this process, pray to God to open your heart, to lead you, and to guide you.
  • Give Him with your intentions, and let him know that you have faith in Him.

Contemplation: Where am I at this very moment?

If you are unsure of where you are, it is difficult to make progress. Reflect on your current situation with prayer and write down your thoughts in an honest manner.

On a scale from one to ten, evaluate your current state of health and the degree to which you are satisfied with different aspects of your life.

Belief, Marriage, Parenting, Vocation, Community, Church, Other Family, Physical Health, Financial Health, Generosity, Ministry, Rest, and Joy are all considered to be important aspects of life.

Current state of affairs: What kind of connection do I have with God?

Take into consideration the following: whether the fruit of the Spirit is present or missing, passion, love for God, obedience, prayer life, knowledge of God’s love and grace, truth that is alive and genuine, maturity, and satisfaction.

My interactions with other people are going well.

Take into consideration your spouse, children, friends, extended family, and church.

Is my life being managed effectively?

You should take into consideration things like funds, time, health, work, energy, rest, diversions, good works, mission, and creating disciples.

Focus: Where am I heading?

It is God who is guiding me in the right direction.

Take some time to reflect on the direction that God is directing you to go now that you have a better knowledge of where you are presently located.

Consider each of the primary roles that you play in your life, such as being a Christian, a spouse, a parent, or a vocation. All of them, please respond to the following questions:

  • How does my vision compare to God’s vision?
  • In what ways do I discover that God is already at work?
  • What are the challenges that are preventing the vision from coming to fruition?
In a nutshell, this is where God is taking you:
  • What are the three most important areas for expansion?
  • For me, what are the three most important things that I am going to achieve?
  • What are the three most important things that I need to learn?

Purpose – What do I intend to do to get there?

What are my plans to do to get at my destination?

Your current situation and the path that God is directing you to take are crystal clear to you. To get there, you need to have a strategy for how you will get there.

You should review your primary responsibilities (such as Christian, spouse, parent, and vocation, among others) and your summarised objectives. In light of each domain, please respond to this:

  • What is it that I need to refrain from doing?
  • What precise steps do I need to take into consideration?
  • To what extent do I need to cultivate certain rhythms and disciplines?
  • Which weekly schedule would be most suitable for me to develop this life?
  • To effectively manage my priorities and disciplines, what tools will I utilise?

Both your calendar and your task management system should be updated with the items.

You shouldn’t only wish for a better life.

Assuming you lived your life with a higher degree of intentionality, what possibilities would you open up for yourself and the people around you?

Proverbs 13:4 — The appetite of the sluggard craves but gets nothing, but the desire of the diligent will be abundantly satisfied.

It is said in the book of Proverbs that the soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied. Consider what it is that you want. Do you have any desires? Would you want a better marriage? A more satisfying career? Freedom of the finances? Would you want to spend more time with your children? to bring about a change? A change will never be brought about only by desire. Our diligence is required.

It is not enough to just hope that 2024 will be better. Do not only maintain the hope that things will improve. To get off to a good start in the new year, you need to be rigorous in counting your days, thoughtfully thinking about your life, and formulating a strategy. Life is indeed brief, yet it may be enjoyed to the fullest. With a heart that is full of knowledge, it is possible to live it. You won’t just happen to find yourself at the place where God is directing you, but you must choose to walk with him there.

In this manner, let us begin the year, and let us continue to live the life that God has given to us in this manner, every day.



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