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Ephesians 5:9 — for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness, and truth –

In our day-to-day lives, many of us take advantage of a great deal of personal liberty. But there are moments when we behave as though we are free to do anything we want. And maybe we are even under the impression that we are not answerable to anybody or anything. But doing so might not only injure ourselves but also the people around us in a variety of ways.

If we have been through difficult circumstances, we may also feel as if other people or organisations owe us something. There are moments when our minds might trick us into believing that God owes us anything. We think that since we have been nice, kind, dynamic, or anything else, we are entitled to whatever it is that we want. We believe that we have the ability to choose which rules are followed and which ones are disregarded.

Paul’s Understanding

Paul tells us, however, in Ephesians 5 that the sides are in no way equal or even near to being even. Our very little contribution is insignificant when weighed against the price that Jesus paid for us. It is urged upon us to grasp the reality of that sacrifice and to adapt both our attitude and our behaviour accordingly.

Paul is telling us that we have been commanded to live in such a manner that the light of Christ will shine through the example of our life. How we conduct our lives is a reflection of how well we comprehend all that God has made available to us through the sacrifice of his Son. What is good, right, and true is what is produced when the light of Christ shines through us.

It is possible that the question should be, “How much do we owe Him?”


Please accept our gratitude, Father God, for everything that you have bestowed upon us by means of Jesus. Help us live in a pleasing and honouring manner to you at all times. May we praise You in all we do. Amen.

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Godwin Shon Sequeira
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