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Some churches in our day and age preach about grace, but their members are begging for a substantial helping of truth. Other churches acknowledge the truth, but they lack a sufficient measure of grace. The Pharisees, who considered themselves to be God’s self-appointed doorkeepers, never placed an emphasis on grace. Although they were orthodox Bible believers of their day, the Pharisees took pleasure in not truly believing in the Lord.

On the other hand, the gospel soars on the wings of grace and the truth. Not one or the other, but both. Never should we approach the truth without an attitude of grace, and never should we approach grace without an attitude of truth. Jesus was not a person who was fifty-percent grace and fifty-percent truthful; rather, He was hundred percent gracious and hundred percent truthful.

John 1:17 — For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came about through Jesus Christ. 


The two parts of the substance are, first, sound theology, and second, sincere responses to sincere queries. Genuine spirituality on the one hand, and the beauty of human connection on the other, are the two realities. Since then, I have been completely enthralled by that second reality, as well as the way Schaeffer described it, which was “the beauty of human interactions.”

I shall risk putting out my own idea for the prerequisites of significant gospel advancement right now. In genuine Christianity, I see three threads skillfully weaved together to create a beautiful tapestry:

  •  The dogma of Orthodoxy (apostolic doctrine);
  •  Loving lifestyle;
  •  Long-lasting bonds of friendship

The orthodox doctrine may easily be understood. We are all working toward a more direct alignment with the Bible.

A culture that is gracious is more difficult to describe. This aspect of a church is more ambient and supernatural than the others. It all comes down to the tone, mood, and feel of the relationship. It is my sincere hope that the culture of any church is reflective of its true theology. However, this is not automatic or simple. We nourish it. 

Christ Has Welcomed Us

Take, for instance, 

Romans 15:7 — Therefore greet one another, as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.”

Consequently, in what parts of the globe can one plainly discern the grandeur of God in the present day?

When we greet one another in the same manner that Christ has welcomed us, whether it be at your church or at mine. Christ has not only put up with us; rather, He has welcomed us with sincerity, wholeheartedness, and a pleasant disposition. And when the theology of the gospel found in the Bible is translated into the culture of the gospel found in a church, the glory of God may be revealed in the world that we live in today. That is what we call gracious culture, and it is every bit as authoritative, powerful, serious, and mandatory as conventional dogma.

Friendships that last are important as well due to the fact that steadfast solidarity over the course of a lengthy period of time demonstrates the breadth of our genuineness. It exemplifies our willingness to make sacrifices for one another, even when we feel like running away from the situation. 

Additionally, this is how we invest life, love, money, values, honour and friendships into the next generation. Our children have a better chance of inheriting the energy and inspiration of relationships that did not disintegrate but instead endured through thick and thin because we have a track record of enduring friendships.

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In my opinion, if correct teaching, gracious culture, and long-lasting friendships are extensively disseminated throughout our churches — by the grace of God, and only for the glory of God — our age may be able to do something of great significance. Obviously, much more could be written on this topic. However, I don’t see how we can make any forward if we don’t have these threads that are so beautifully weaved together by us, among us.

So, how are things doing at this point in time? 

People who are attracted to this sort of website, in my view, have a solid grasp of apostolic doctrine theology, but we struggle with both gracious culture and long-lasting friendships. This is despite the fact that we have a great grasp of teaching. It appears to me that our relationships are less connected and cohesive, more divided and aloof, than we were, say, a decade ago. 

Proverbs 17:17 — A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” 

I say this because I get the impression that this has been the case. Back then, one of the things that crossed my mind was whether or not our widespread rediscovery of the gospel may speed up into a historic revival. But at this point, I cannot help but worry whether we have blown our chance at making history.

Opinion Or Conviction

Because of this, I find myself questioning the fundamental sincerity with which we adhere to apostolic teaching. Our beliefs are of two types. On the conscious level of our thinking, we are aware that we have certain views. In the recesses of our hearts, there are also strong beliefs that we hold to be true. Whether our society is lacking in graciousness and our friendships are not long-lasting, then I wonder if our orthodox theology is more based on the nature of opinion than it is on the character of conviction. 

Undoubtedly, you have a strong viewpoint! But not the principles that have taken root deep inside our hearts, transforming us all the way down to the very core of our existence, making us kinder to one another, and bringing us closer together.

Greater Grace

It is my goal that there is a culture of greater graciousness inside the pulpit and that there are also more friendships that last outside of the pulpit. If not for a profound movement of His power in this generation, then perhaps the Lord can use me so that you younger pastors can enter into that REST through my labours, along with the labours of so many other older pastors. If not for a profound movement of his power in this generation, then at least for you younger pastors to enter into that rest.

It is possible that we have not really missed our chance to make history after all. Perhaps for you and the people at your church, the day is less than a year away. One little year of reaching out to your beloved people through your preaching for good that is contained in the same apostolic nature that you cherish for the right reasons. accompanied by a few tears. 

And I have a confession to make. And delighted to say that “In Christ, we live as He lives in us.” Therefore, from now on, maybe you might transfer all of your scraps over onto the square of God’s heart-melting love in Christ crucified and raised from the dead.

I have no doubt that my brothers in Christ: Ps. Selvam and Evng. Vipul would agree with me on this and the rest of our spiritual leaders would be overjoyed.



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