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Mark 6:3 — Isn’t this the carpenter?

The four canonical gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John centre on the public ministry of Jesus. During the course of three years, Jesus not only taught others about the kingdom of God but also cured the sick, provided food for the hungry, and even raised the dead. But before any of it took place, Jesus had already spent close to thirty years living in the house of His parents. And over most of those years, He worked in the family business with His own father, Joseph.

Joseph is often portrayed in our minds as a carpenter or another craftsman who works with wood. On the other hand, it is possible that he worked with stone. The phrase used in the original is unclear. What is certain is that Joseph worked in the construction industry in some capacity. Therefore, he engaged in labour that required the use of his hands and various instruments, such as the construction of agricultural equipment and furniture or the building of foundations. And it is believed that Jesus continued this practice for almost twenty years. There is little mention of it in the gospels. However, they do provide us with that much.

When Jesus first started His ministry of teaching, people from miles and far around came to recognise Him as a teacher and a wonder worker. They had a healthy respect for Him. However, the people who lived in His hometown saw Him as nothing more than a regular person who spent His days working with his hands. They were unable to go on from that point.

Our issue is the complete reverse of that. Jesus is widely acknowledged to be the Son of God. And it is possible for us to lose sight of the actual humanity He had. But throughout most of His life, Jesus led a life that was no different from anybody else’s, including yours and mine.


Jesus, we adore you because you are the sinless Son of God, and we thank you for saving us. You were also a son of Joseph and Mary, and the fact that you have tools in your hands is something that we find to be really comforting. Amen.

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