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The Journey to Becoming a Citizen of Heaven

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If you are born in a certain country, you receive that nation's citizenship. The process is straightforward because it relies on the place of birth. However, the process is a little different when it comes to becoming a citizen of the kingdom of heaven. Being born in a country is not sufficient; instead, it requires a spiritual transformation and birth. To become citizens of the kingdom of God, we must undergo the process of being born again.

Water Baptism and Jesus

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Jesus aligned Himself with all believers who sought the kingdom. With this act, His ministry began, where He preached about the kingdom and urged people to repent. It paved the path for the new life in Him. It was the starting point that eventually led to His death, resurrection, and ascension. Read to understand...

Jesus the Master Carpenter


[GTranslate] SCRIPTURE READING — MARK 6:1-6 Mark 6:3 — Isn’t this the carpenter? The four canonical gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John centre on the public ministry of Jesus. During the course of three years, Jesus not only taught…

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