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Silence And Peace


Philippians 4:7 — The peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Could I just have a moment of silence, please?

This could be the cry of a member of the family attempting to flee the mayhem of their home life, a teacher who spends the entire day surrounded by hyperactive students, or a medical patient who is caught up in a whirlwind of medical tests, scans, appointments, insurance questions, and uncertain results. The effects of stress are clear to see.

When the Bible refers to “the peace of God” as something that may keep our hearts and minds protected, it is referring to something that is far more than the lack of noise or activity. The peace that comes from God, which is called “Shalom,” provides certainty that everything is in order in your spirit, even if you are unable to fix all of the problems that are troubling you or anticipate the conclusion of anything at this moment. The serenity of God gives us the confidence that God is still in charge of everything.

Where do we look for this sense of calm?

Paul, an apostle of Christ, exhorts those who follow him to look beyond the issue at hand and urges them to pray about everything, giving thanks to God for hearing their prayers and responding to them in accordance with his perfect will. We are then able to fix our attention on the benefits that are all around us – whatever is true, right, pure, and wonderful — and let go of our concerns as a result.

It is possible that this statement, like the catchphrase “Let go and let God,” seems too nice to be true. When someone who is suffering is given empty sayings by another person, it is as though salt is being rubbed into an open sore. However, God has promised to provide peace to everyone who seeks it. Do not bother trying to figure out how it all works; instead, focus on praying.


We beseech you, God of Peace, to grant us the gift of peace. Your peace is necessary for us. As we put our faith in you, please give us the kind of profound serenity that goes beyond explanation and understanding. Amen.

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