Wisdom Of The Boy



 LUKE 2:41-52

Luke 2:52 — “Jesus grew in wisdom…”

Joseph is responsible for ensuring that his family travels to Jerusalem on an annual basis in order to participate in the Passover holiday. The journey from Nazareth to Jerusalem is a rather lengthy one. There is not a single person who owns a vehicle, and there are no railroads. In those days, they did not have them available. The majority of pilgrims make the journey on foot, and it often takes them around three days to get to Jerusalem.

Joseph now has a large family to care for. Therefore, there are some of Jesus’ younger brothers and sisters who need to be cared for. This time around, Joseph and Mary had packed up their little family and begun the long journey back to their hometown of Nazareth. 

They are under the impression that Jesus is going with some other people. However, when they reach their destination for the day, they are unable to locate Jesus. They hunt for Him among their friends and family, but He is not there to be found among them. They, therefore, go back to Jerusalem in order to search for him there.

Jesus, at twelve years old, continues to terrify his mother and father to no end. And no wonder. They believe that they have misplaced the holy infant that God gave them care of, but they may be wrong.

They search for Jesus for three days before finding Him in the temple. He is observing and gaining knowledge from the teachers while also participating in the discussion by asking questions and providing responses. And everyone is taken aback by it.


Naturally, they are taken aback by it. Jesus is God. Period. He is more knowledgeable than any of those teachers. He is an expert in every field. That is a possibility for us to consider. However, it will not do at all. What is going on here is that Jesus is incredible for someone who was just twelve when He lived.

In addition to this, something else is taking place. Mary confronts Jesus with the question, “How could you do this to us?” after she and Joseph had located Him in the temple. But Jesus does not seem to comprehend the situation: “You ought to have known that I would be in the temple.”

Jesus, who is twelve years old, is having some difficulty. He feels a commitment to His heavenly Father, but He also feels an obligation to His earthly father and mother. He has not yet found out how to reconcile these two sets of responsibilities. That in and of itself is not a sinful act, nor is there anything wrong with doing so. It is just beyond the intelligence of a twelve-year-old, even Jesus when twelve years old, to know how to strike a balance between all of those conflicting demands.

That is alright. Jesus’s age will eventually go beyond twelve. And as He matures, so too will His ­wisdom expand along with it.

Being twelve years old is not an easy task. Although we know a lot, we do not really comprehend much. And we cannot wait to become mature adults.


Lord Jesus, you certainly have a lot of experience with maturing. Please help us to mature in you. Amen.

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